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Speech Therapist

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy services are provided by the Kings County Office of Education. Students may be eligible to receive speech therapy if they are having difficulty in one of the following speech areas:

  • Articulation - Production of individual sounds or phonemes
  • Stuttering - Repetition of sounds or words
  • Voice - Hoarse, breathy, pitch, etc.
  • Language - Syntax, morphology, vocabulary, grammar, etc.

How does a pupil qualify for speech therapy?
In order to receive speech and language therapy, a qualified speech and language therapist must first evaluate the student. Prior to the evaluation, a Student Study Team meeting is held to determine if a speech screening is needed. The Student Study Team usually consists of the classroom teacher, parents, and the site school principal. If a student does not pass the speech screening, permission for assessment is obtained from the parent and an IEP meeting is held within 60 days. The results of this evaluation are discussed at the IEP meeting. Goals and objectives are also written at this meeting if the student qualifies for speech services.

Can children younger than school age receive speech therapy?
Yes. Children from three-years to four-years-and-nine-months can receive speech and language therapy if they qualify. There is also an infant program through the Kings County Schools Office. Parents need to contact the County Schools Office regarding these services.

How do parents refer their child for speech therapy?
If parents have reason to believe that their child is in need of speech and language therapy, they may contact the following sources:

  • Speech Therapist
  • Classroom Teacher
  • School Principal
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • District Superintendent
  • King County Superintendent of Schools Office
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