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Inter-Intra District Transfer Information

District Transfer


(Transfers either from or into Central Union School District)

These transfers are processed on a continuing basis. They are only approved for one year at a time and will be honored if space permits. If you are interested in applying for a transfer in or out of the district, applications can be picked up at the District Office, 15783 18th Avenue, Lemoore, CA.  If you are requesting to enter our District, you will also need to request a release from your primary residence District.  That release will need to be attached to your request to attend Central Union School District.


Parents/guardians wishing to enter into an inter-district agreement should contact the District Office at 559-925-2619 or come in to the District Office. When a request for an incoming inter-district agreement is made, it will be determined by the district as to which school the student may be assigned on a space available basis. The parent/guardian will be asked to apply for an inter-district agreement from the district in which they reside.

Parents applying for inter-district agreements should be cautioned that when receiving permission to enroll their child under an inter-district agreement, there is no guarantee of attendance at the same school for succeeding years.

Parents/guardians of a child residing in the Central Union School District and applying for an inter-district agreement (release) to attend school in another district should call the District Office at 559-925-2619 or come in to the District Office to complete an application. Their request will be processed.


  • If either district denies a transfer request a parent/guardian may appeal that decision to the Kings County Board of Education. There are specified time lines in the law for filing an appeal and for the county board of education to make a decision.
  • The Superintendent or designee may deny a transfer into the district for reasons that are not arbitrary or discriminatory (Education Code 46600a). A transfer may be denied to Central Union, per BP 5117, for the following reasons:
        1 Overcrowding, lack of space
        2 The student has a history of failure to meet reasonable standards of behavior, attendance or diligence to studies
        3 The student is being recommended for expulsion

Additional information related to the appeal process to the Kings County Board of Education can be found here https://www.kingscoe.org/Page/497.

The District shall not provide transportation outside the school’s attendance area. However, upon request, the Superintendent or designee may authorize transportation for students living outside the attendance area to and from designated bus stops within the attendance area if space is available. Priority for such transportation shall be based on demonstrated financial need.
BP 5117
AR 5117
Exhibit 5117


Per Education Code Section 48204(1) and Central Union’s Board Policy and Administrative Regulars 5111.1 if one or both parents/guardians of an elementary school student are employed in the boundaries of a school district other than the one in which they live, the student may be considered a resident of the school district in which his/her parents or guardians work.
BP 5111.1
AR 5111.1


These requests are related to transferring from one school site to another school site within the boundaries of Central Union School District. These transfers are processed on a continuing basis. If you are interested in applying for a transfer from one school site to another, applications can be picked up at the District Office, 15783 18th Avenue, Lemoore, CA. Approvals will be based on available classroom space at the requesting school site.

Waiting List:
If space is not available, student will be placed on a waiting list. Waiting list will be honored before any new requests are honored. Waiting list is maintained until January of each school year.

Sibling Preference:
In order to keep families together, there will be a preference given to requests where an older sibling will continue to be enrolled at the school being requested.

If parent/guardian fails to complete the paperwork completely the request may be denied.

If you should have any questions, please contact the District Office at 559-925-2619.

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