Annual Notice to Employees

Annual Notice to Employees

Each year annual employee notifications are provided to staff members.  These notices include Board Policies and Administrative Regulations, which are located on the District’s website.  These can be accessed through the main District webpage under the Departments link (Human Resources).  Some of these notifications are mandatory, and some are related to conditions of your employment.  Please read these notifications so that you will fully understand your rights and responsibilities as an employee of the District. 

 Annual Notices (Employees)
Board Policy
Administrative Regulation
Nondiscrimination in District Programs and Activities  0410  
Uniform complaint procedures
 1312.3 1312.3
Tobacco-Free Schools
 3513.3 3513.3
Environmental Safety
3514 3514
Hazardous Substances
Drug and alcohol free workplace
Reasonable Accommodation
Employee Use of Technology
4040 4040
Sexual Harassment
4119.11 4119.11
Code of Ethics
4119.21/4219.21 4119.21/4219.21
Employee Dress & Grooming
4119.22 4119.22
Exposure Control Plan for Blood borne Pathogens
4119.42 4119.42
Universal Precautions
4119.43 4119.43
Non-school Employment
4144 4144
Work Related Injuries
4157.1 4157.1
Employee Assistance Program
Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions
5141.21 5141.21
Child Abuse Prevention & Reporting
5141.4 5141.4
Student Use of Technology Instruction
6163.4 6163.4
Internet & Central-Net Use Agreement
Workers’ Compensation Benefits
Workers’ Compensation Providers
Predesignation of Personal Physician
Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Leave Balance Notification